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The Event

Each year during the Bluegill spawn our Club conducts a one-fly event.  Each participant selects one artificial fly of his or her choosing. The fly may be custom tied or commercially produced.  During the two hour contest the anglers attempt to catch and land as many Bluegill as possible, using only the one fly with which they began the event.

As the event progresses an angler may re-tie the one fly onto new tippet, or even a new line and rod, but should the angler lose that fly before the event ends, he or she is done participating and his or her fish count is the total number of Bluegill caught up to the point the fly was lost.

At the end of the two hour period, the angler with the highest landed Bluegill count is the winner.


The Trophy

The winner of the annual One Fly Event is awarded the coveted Corn Guppy traveling trophy onto which the winner's name is engraved.

Past Winners of the Corn Guppy Trophy

2010     Steve Packard

2011     Steve Packard

2012     Bob Gillespie

2013     Steve Packard

2014     Steve Packard

2015     Charlie Thoman

2016     Bill Nooney

2017     Bob Gillespie

2018     Bob Gillespie

2019     David Klein

2020     Rick Ashmore

2021     Robert Gillespie

2022     David Klein

2023     Steve Packard &

             Charlie Thoman

The Legend of the Corn Guppy

     There are those who fly fish for trophy brown trout on the White River in Arkansas, others for bonefish off Key West, and even others for the many species of bass found in any number of still and running waters.

     Yet, in a small corner of the world surrounding the confluence of the Missouri and Big Sioux Rivers the fish fly anglers covet is the rare Corn Guppy.  It is said to live in the standing water of flooded corn fields and adjacent ditches.  It is believed to feed, not on corn, but on the corn borer, a terrestrial bug.   The one fly most commonly used in fishing for the Corn Guppy is the flashback juju parachute marabou blue wing olive march brown pheasant tail hare's ear dun midge, although some prefer a green #12 popper.

     It is true no one has ever actually caught, much less released, a Corn Guppy, and some may even liken the Guppy to Yeti, or Big Foot.  But those who seek the fish know it exists just as sure as they know that the the check's in the mail.

     Thus, it is only fitting that a carving of this treasured and much sought after fish be the award bestowed on the person who wins the treasured and much sought after One Fly Championship.  Each year with heartfelt admiration we present the Corn Guppy Trophy to the One Fly victor and proclaim, "Congratulations, Master Angler -- just don't lose the damn trophy, because next year one of us is going to win it."

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