FLY RECIPE Perch Streamer by Sid Dvoracek Materials: Hook:  Mustad keel hook 79666 #4 Thread: black Uni-thread 8/0 Weight:  .015 lead wire Tail:  Red rooster hackle Body:  Medium Yellow Krystal Flash Chenille (or sub med yellow or gold chenille) Wing:  Peacock fibers over yellow deer hair Beard:  Red rooster hackle Head:  Black Uni-thread 8/0 Eyes:  Prism stick-on  (optional) Center 20 turns of .015 lead wire on hook shank. Invert hook in vise. Secure lead wire with tying thread. Tie in red tail. Tie in Krystal Chenille at hook bend. Return hook in vise to where point is again in “up” position. Bring tying thread to hook bend just ahead of the eye. Spiral wrap chenille forward to thread and “tie-off”. Tie in yellow deer hair wing. Holding tips of wing tight and with a black permanent marker, make black bars ¼ of an inch apart the entire length of the wing. Even tips of 6 Peacock fibers. Tie in slightly longer over deer hair wing.  Add red beard. Build up head with tying thread. Add prism stick-on eyes (optional), Coat head with Soft body or Sally Hanson “Hard as Nails”.  Coat head 2 additional times. Mickey Finn tied on Keel Hook Black Nose Dace tied on Keel Hook. After posting the Perch Streamer tying instructions, it was discovered that Mustad, the only manufacturer of  the hook, had discontinued this model. After searching for a replacement, the Gamakatsu’s  EWG Worm Hook worked perfectly. This streamer pictured is tied on a 1/0 size red hook.  It is also available in size 4, 2 and 1 (black or red).